The Power of Remembrance

How even a sad event like the death of our lost loved one can make us strong mentally ,help us achieve greater heights

Remembrance is a human act of remembering somebody or something with which you have been very closely associated and now have been deprived of the same. It is not only an emotional but an ethical act too.

God has created human beings with a tremendous force or power in the shape of “survival instinct”. At the same time, there is an element of duality; namely pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness; darkness and light, positive and negative, optimism and pessimism.

In our day to life, we experience both these aspects at some point of point of time. But nothing is permanent. In any case, they leave some permanent impact on our minds, which we know as “remembrance”.

It has the tremendous power of transforming the whole life style of a person. The greatest sad event in a person’s life takes place when someone most loved and dear leaves for his or her heavenly abode. Never the loss It leaves a permanent impact on your mind.

There are many instances where the saddest event such as the death of the loved ones can make one to reach the highest echelon of life. There are two possible reasons for this; namely the emotional attachment with the person and your own survival instinct.

The emotional attachment urges you to do something unusual if you have made some kind of commitment to that person when he or she was alive. Your survival instinct makes you mentally strong and urges you to ‘do or die’ to fulfill the commitment you made.