Andreas Floer

23 Aug 1956
15 May 1991
Offer Flowers
Light a Candle
Pray for the soul
Seek Blessings

Andreas Floer (23 August 1956 – 15 May 1991) was a German mathematician who made seminal contributions to the areas of geometry, topology, and mathematical physics, in particular the invention of Floer homology.

“Andreas Floer’s life was tragically interrupted, but his mathematical visions and striking contributions have provided powerful methods which are being applied to problems which seemed to be intractable only a few years ago.”

Simon Donaldson wrote: “The concept of Floer homology is one of the most striking developments in differential geometry over the past 20 years. … The ideas have led to great advances in the areas of low-dimensional topology and symplectic geometry and are intimately related to developments in Quantum Field Theory” and “the full richness of Floer’s theory is only beginning to be explored”.

“Since its introduction by Andreas Floer in the late nineteen eighties, Floer theory has had a tremendous influence on many branches of mathematics including geometry, topology and dynamical systems. The development of new Floer theoretic tools continues at a remarkable pace and underlies many of the recent breakthroughs in these diverse fields.

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