Tsunenohana Kan’ichi

23 Nov 1896
28 Nov 1960
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Tsunenohana Kan’ichi (常ノ花 寛市, November 23, 1896 – November 28, 1960) was a sumo wrestler from Okayama, Japan. He was the sport’s 31st yokozuna.

He made his professional debut in January 1910 and reached the top makuuchi division in May 1917.

He won his first top division championship in May 1921 from the rank of ōzeki, with a perfect record of ten wins and no losses.

After his second championship in May 1923 and a runner-up spot in January 1924, he was promoted to yokozuna.

He was to win eight more championships during his yokozuna career, including three in a row in 1927.

He was much stronger than his competition and had no serious rivals. As a result, turnout at tournaments tended to be quite poor.

His last title came in March 1930. He fought his last bouts in May of that year and officially retired in October.
His retirement came very suddenly, as he was at the height of his powers, and it left Miyagiyama as the only yokozuna.

After retiring from active competition he was the seventh head of the Dewanoumi stable and from 1944 to 1957 was also the chairman of the Sumo Association.

During his tenure as chairman of the Association, in 1956, he performed his kanreki dohyō-iri or ’60th year ring entrance ceremony’ to commemorate his years as yokozuna.

Later on in his tenure, he began to be blamed for the Sumo Association’s problems and attempted to commit suicide by a sword and gas in May 1957. He was fortunately rescued but he retired as the chairman of the Sumo Association.

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