Major Bhukant Mishra, AC (Posthumous)

21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018
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Born – 15 Jun 1941 35/122 Nowbasta Talipara, Agra (UP)
Commission – 11 Apr 1970
Award date – 06 Jun 1984
Religion – Hindu

A Company commanded by late Major Bhukant Misra was tasked to clear a complex during Jan 84. The Complex was very heavily fortified and was converted into impregnable bastion. Attempts to clear the building during the night suffered very heavy casualties. At 0440 hours one company led by Major Bhukant Misra advanced behind an Armoured Personnel Carrier, which was soon hit by anti tank gun fire. At the same time the company came under very heavy fire and suffered eight casualties, including the JCO of the leading platoon.

Realising the loss of command and control in the leading platoon, Major Bhukant Misra rushed forward, irrespective of the heavy fire all around and soon established command and control. Two companies were launched at 0530 hours on the next day. Both the companies advanced at the given time but soon came under very heavy fire. Major Bhukant Misra’s company once again suffered very heavy casualties and the advance of this company stalled. Major Bhukant Misra at this stage stood in front of the company and asked them to follow him and charged at the base of the Complex.

This daring act by Major Bhukant Misra inspired the company and they rushed behind him and gained a foothold. A light machine gun firing through a pot hole in the base was interfering in the further advance. Major Bhukant Mishra, without bothering for his safety, now crawled towards the base and destroyed the light machine gun and the crew by lobbing a grenade through the pot hole. This act was an example of cold courage. Immediately after destroying the light machine gun, Major Bhukant Mishra rushed to the steps leading into the Complex.

As he was about to enter the Complex, he was shot down and killed by a burst of Medium Machine Gun. Throughout the action late Major Bhukant Misra displayed courage, bravery and a tremendous sense of duty towards the men he commanded and the country he served. The officer laid down his life like a gallant soldier leading his men right in front. For this supreme sacrifice and the gallantry displayed, Major Bhukant Misra was awarded ASHOK CHAKRA (POSTHUMOUSLY).

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