Konishiki Yasokichi I

21 Nov 1866
22 Oct 1914
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Konishiki Yasokichi I ( November 21, 1866 – October 22, 1914) was a sumo wrestler from Sanbu District, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. He was the sport’s 17th yokozuna.

Konishiki made his professional debut in May 1883 and reached the top makuuchi division in May 1888. He won 39 bouts in a row after his makuuchi debut.

Konishiki was promoted to ōzeki in May 1890, and awarded a yokozuna licence by the house of Yoshida Tsukasa in March 1896.

He was somewhat weak on technical skills, but had great speed.

Around the time of his promotion to yokozuna, his stablemaster Takasago Uragoro suffered an illness, and so Konishiki took care of him.

In spite of his amazing debut, he did not win any championships as yokozuna.

On April 8, 1900, his stablemaster died. Konishiki was absent from the next tournament and retired in January 1901.

In the top makuuchi division, he won 119 bouts and lost 24 bouts, recording a winning percentage of 83.2.

The Hawaiian born ōzeki Konishiki Yasokichi was named after him. Ōzeki Konishiki was actually the 6th Konishiki, and three wrestlers named Konishiki have been promoted to the top makuuchi division.

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