Happy Birthday To Inmemory

16 Jul 2018
16 Jul 2018
Remembered By debasis-digital
Inmemory is a platform for all of us to pay tribute and share the fond memories of our loved ones who are not anymore in this world !
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Exactly two years ago, we started inmemory because we strongly felt that there is a need for a dedicated online platform for remembering our near and dear ones who are no more.

While many told us that inmemory is a before time product,some said its too personal emotion to be showcased on a public platform.

Some graced us with hugs and thank you messages for coming up with something like inmemory,many questioned our motive behind coming up with inmemory which deals with such an intricate human emotion.

While we had our own personal reasons to come up with inmemory,we are glad that we could reach out to many who felt like we did and echoed the same feeling that we have.

Some said is it an online graveyard ? a place for mourning? for making people cry ?

well,we said its a holy place where we rememeber our loved ones,things we did together, the time we spend togther, the joys we shared with each other, the magical impact they created in our lives…

Inmemory is not about condolence or an attempt to make people feel sad.It is a place where we rememeber our loved ones and smile, where we recollect and gain strengths, where we thank our lost loved ones with tears of joyand with gratitude for everything they have done for us,where we celebrate their lives because even when they are physically gone ,they continue to live with us,forever.

with 50,000 plus registered users, we will continue to work towards what we believe in and create a space where rememebring our lost lived ones is not just sadness anymore,but its an act of joy and finding strength.

While many would associate remembering a lost loved one with a dark or grey thoughts, ,something which is very hush hush,we have decided to elebrate the birthday of Inmemory by lighting up our holy place of remembrance and memories-www.inmemoryglobal.com because we believe inmemory is not about death, its about celebrating the lives of our lost loved ones with their memories !

Happy Birthday To Us !

Thank you all.

Debasis Samanta.
[ A special thanks to Piyush Kothari,Vikram Vats,Mandar Joshi,Dr.Anil V Paranjape,Rohit Koul,Neha Shah,Vikas Singh,Binesh Balan- for all your unconditinal support for inmemory]

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