Remembering the lost lives in crash of Indian Airlines Flight 605 on 14 February 1990

21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018
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indian Airlines Flight 605 was an A320 fly-by-wire flight on 14 February 1990 that crashed on its final approach to Bangalore airport, killing 92 people.

The aircraft, an Airbus A320-231, flew from Mumbai (formerly Bombay) airport to Bangalore-Hindustan Airport, taking off at 11:58. While executing a visual approach to runway 09, the plane was allowed to descend below the safe glide path. Its final approach initially impacted the ground at a local golf club hard enough to become briefly airborne only to hit the ground again, also striking an embankment where it lost its engines and landing gear and came to its final stop, at 13:03.

The probable cause has been reported as the pilots’ failure to properly understand the aircraft’s reactions behaviour in different modes of operations. There appeared to be some confusion with the automatic radio altitude announcements and to increase thrust, as the aircraft was in idle/open descent mode

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