Remembrance Tourism

Our country has preserved the traces of past wars with memorials, historic sites, cemeteries and historical re-enactments open to the public.
Memory is the presence of the past in a society, the expressions of this past are part of our daily environment and remembrance tourism focuses on the heritage sites that are linked to events or historical situations whose memory and heritage, often painful, have marked previous generations up to the present day.
Wallonia and Brussels are bursting with remembrance venues and itineraries which relate to the key moments of our past, like for example the Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars up until Waterloo. Or the two World Wars, episodes which will be commemorated in 2014 and 2015 and which forged Europe in blood, by making us conscious of the price of peace and freedom.
As the crucible of the Industrial Revolution in continental Europe, our region looks after its memory, including that of social and democratic struggles which gave us shared values.
Remembrance tourism, combined with the cultural riches of the world, offers a vast array of exceptional discoveries, in a relatively small area, an area that hosted great confrontations and major moments of history.
Whatever your age, to follow the paths of remembrance in tourism is to a guarantee a date with a rare quality of history.