We miss.We cry. We feel sad. We rememeber. We cherish. Because we love. Yes it happens with us all. Some of us lost our dad. Someone lost her mom. Someone lost his brother or someone lost her best friend. And when we think of life without them and the moments that we have spent with them, we feel terrible. We wish they could come back to us.

At Inmemory, we make an attempt to remember our loved ones, who are no longer with us here, but touched our lives with their presence and love and are with us in spirit. We remember the moments that are so close to our heart, thoughts that we always wanted them to know, that how special they were to us, how magical impact they had in our lives.

We come together to remember our loved ones on their birthdays, special holidays and on anniversary dates or even just on an ordinary day because they were and will always be special to us and live on in heart, forever.

We not just pay homage and tribute, but we also remember those small little moments that made us happy. Yes for a moment, we might feel sad, but when we think of all that there was, we can just smile with a drop of tear in our eyes. They will never come back to us. That void can never be filled. But they do live with us, in our thoughts, moments, memories, as if they never left for the heavenly abode, forever.

Please come and light a candle, share the fond memories and pay tribute in honour of your loved one and celebrate their lives with us. Inmemory of our loved ones!